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Task management and control in the workplace



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Office Control 2009 is a high-performance professional tool designed for task management and control in the workplace.

This is a new version of the program with improved functions, offering optimal performance thanks to the use of a new database engine, SQL Server 2008, which guarantees system robustness.

Through remote access to the program you can control all of the activity happening at any computer in your company, so that you can optimize the performance of each employee and, at the same time, make sure that they are doing their job.

Office Control provides an effective administration system that includes all kinds of features for easily and effectively running each machine. And its implementation system is simple, yet capable of perfectly integrating with all kinds of server infrastructures.

Requires SQL Server Express 2005 or higher. SQL Server Express 2008 is recommended.


· Database engine SQL Server 2008.


30-day trial.

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